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The fast progress in sequencing technology, namely the next-generation sequencing technologies has resulted in the accumulation of genome as well as of transcriptome sequences. Data is stored in database like the SRA database of NCBI but also in databases from national and international projects. The disperse manner of searchable databases makes it difficult for researcher to retrieve quickly information for specific genes and organisms.

The present database collects assembled data from divers fish species from public repositories of mRNA, collections of expressed sequence tags, divers species specific transcriptome databases as well as data retrieved from in-house sequences projects.

The database has been constructed in the framework of the Project ANnOTATE: "ANalysis of multifunctiOnal genes and Their pAralogs in TEleost: Identification, Evolution and Annotation through Transcriptome scans and Functional studies"

It is funded by the Action ARISTEIA of the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs/General Secretariat for Research and Technology. The Action falls under the Fourth Strategic Objective of the Operational Programme (OP) 'Education and Lifelong Learning' (EdLL), entitled 'Supporting the Human Capital in order to Promote Research and Innovation', which constitutes the main instrument of O.P. EdLL for the support of national research capacity, the enhancement of openness and the attraction of researchers from abroad, through the implementation of programs of basic and applied research.


      Nikolaos Papanikolaou


      Elena Sarropoulou

       Anastasis Oulas

       Elisabet Kaitenzidou